Python DB-API 2.0 Test Suite
A test suite for testing Python database driver compliance with the Python Database API v2.0
pytz - World Timezones for Python
Transformation of the Olsen timezone database into pure Python, with an implementation that avoids the end-of-daylight-savings time ambiguities present in Python's datetime library.
Unicode email address handler
A class that easily allows conversion of email addresses between ASCII and Unicode representations.
RADIUS client authentication module for Python.
RADIUS authentication adaptor for Zope
GenericUserFolder authentication system for Zope (depricated).
Zope Product allowing DTML code to log messages to the Zope logging subsystem.
A tzinfo implementation for Python 2.3 that uses the POSIX library calls provided by many operating systems to handle timezone conversion logic.
External Filestorage
Example code for storing large binaries outside of Zope's ZODB. This code is transaction aware and fully supports Undo.
Parser for key=value,[...] strings, such as those used in digest authentication